Everything that we do is driven by safety first. Our machines are clean and meticulously maintained. We have a full range of trainers to meet the training needs of all styles of Trike flying
Austin the Regal Trainer..... weighing in at about 500 lbs and sporting an 100 horse 912, this Air Creation Tanarg is fully instrumented iincluding transponder, aviation GPS, and lighted for night operations.
If Ultralight flying is what you seek then this Air Creation Twin is the training machine for you. Weighing in at only 340 lbs, the air cooled 503 Rotax is more than sufficient to lift 660 lbs of payload; and lift it impressively quick!!
The Cage is a custom designed Air Creation Tanarg created specifically for training. At 391 lbs and 100 hp, this monster will pop your ears on climb-out. Straight and level at 3500 rpm, this machine is a joy to pilot!!
Austin (N57PF)
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Little Red (N650G)
The Cage (N83PP)
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